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Milton Keynes Arts & Parks E-Scooter Tour

Ages 18+ • Available every Saturday and Sunday!

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 1.5 hours

British Pound Total Price: £30

British Pound First Installment (Time of Booking): £15

British Pound Second Installment (Day of Tour): £15

Calendar Days and Times: Every Saturday & Sunday at 14.00 PM

Users Group Size: Up to 5 people

Map Marker Starts/Finishes: The Rose, Campbell Park


Person Ages 18+

This is a short and fun experience, ideal for any E-Scooter novice who wants to jump on the latest trend

Tour Description

Tour Highlights:

  • The Light Pyramid
  • Chain Reaction
  • The Tree Cathedral
  • Onwards and Upwards
  • The Peace Pagoda

Tour Outline:

On this tour, we will scoot through the city admiring and discussing the best art the city has to offer!

The tour will start with a quick introduction and a safety tutorial. This tour will provide you with the perfect opportunity to ride an E-Scooter in a comfortable and controlled environment. The tour goes at a leisurely pace, using exclusively cycle paths and scooter-friendly roads.

So whether you are a scooter expert or complete novice this tour is for you!

We will begin the tour in Campbell Park. This park was designed to be the jewel in the green necklace of Milton Keynes. It features 11 pieces of public art and sculptures, a collection is constantly being added to. Today, the park serves as a central space used for celebrations and ceremonies.

As we scoot through Campbell Park we will see and discuss art such as Cave by Ivan and Heather Morrison, Armillary Sphere by Justin Turnely and Chain Reaction by Ray Smith.

As we wind our way along Campbell Park Canal we will come to Willen Lake. Willen Lake North and South are home to six sculptural pieces. As we step into the north part of Willen Lake we will come to one of the most recognisable places in Milton Keynes, The Peace Pagoda.

From here we will navigate around the lake before heading back to Campbell Park. On the final part of the tour you will hear stories about The Tree Cathedral, Gnomon by Peter Bowker and Onwards and Upwards by Robert Koeing. This tour is designed to give you a taste of the arts, parks and culture of Milton Keynes!

All of our tours are led by local, Milton Keynes guides who know the city inside and out. So come along and hear exciting anecdotes, discover more about the “New City,” ask questions, take photos and enjoy an E-Scooter adventure!

At the end of the tour, you will be able to continue renting your Spin E-Scooter and explore Campbell Park to your heart’s content.

Additional Information

Age Restrictions: Minimum age is 18 years old, and you must hold at least a provisional driving license

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance: full refund.

Weather: Please bring appropriate clothing for all weather. We may cancel if there is heavy rain or snow.

Book Now, Pay Later: All of our E-Scooter tours operate with a “Book Now, Pay Later” system. To book this tour you will need to make two payments: 

    • First Instalment: £15 deposit, due on the day you book
    • Second Instalment: £15 E-Scooter rental fee, due on the day of your tour. 
    • Total cost: £30

This second payment is made via our partner E-Scooter provider via their app. For this tour, our E-Scooters are provided by SPIN, see below for details.

Powered by SPIN: Please note that the E-Scooter cost is not included in the price you pay today. A second instalment will be made on the day of your tour, paid via the SPIN App. Before the tour, you will need to download and set up an account on the SPIN App. For more information, read our blog: “E-Scooter Rental Apps: What You Need To Know.” 

ScooTours Price Guarantee: On the day of your tour, you will need to pay the second instalment of £15 to our partner E-Scooter provider. However, we promise that the cost of your scooter rental will not exceed £15. Therefore the total cost of your experience will not exceed £30. For more about our Price Guarantee read our blog: “ScooTours Price Guarantee.”

Safety: Our tours are planned to be as safe as possible. They use scooter-friendly roads and cycle lanes wherever possible. We also provide helmets and high-visibility vests. However, if this will be your first time riding an E-Scooter then check out our blog: “E-Scooter Safety Tips.”