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Redcar Landmarks E-Scooter Tour

Ages 18+ Every Saturday!

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 1.5 hours

British Pound Price Includes: Helmet, High-Visibility Vest.

British Pound Price Excludes: Scooter Rental

Calendar Days and Times: Every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 AM

Users Group Size: Up to 5 people

Map Marker Starts:  Zetland Park Closest Parking Spot: Lilac Grove

Map Marker Finishes: Zetland Lifeboat Museum Closest Parking Spot: High Street East

Sun Weather Policy: Please bring appropriate clothing for all weather. We may cancel if there is heavy rain or snow.

Ticket Cancellation policy: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance: full refund.


Person Ages 18+

Experience Redcar like never before with the city’s first ever E-Scooter tour!

Tour Description:

Tour Highlights:

  • Zetland Park
  • Locke Park
  • Coatham Pier
  • Redcar Beacon
  • Zetland Lifeboat

Tour Outline: 

Ever wanted to learn more about the Zetland Lifeboat? Or the Coatham Marsh? Or maybe the Redcar Beacon. Well, now you can whilst taking part in a new, unique and exciting experience. This is one of the first E-Scooter tours to hit the North East and provides a wonderful opportunity to see Redcar like never before.

We will begin the tour with a quick E-scooter introduction and safety tutorial. The tour will go at a leisurely pace and include plenty of stoppages for photos and questions. So this is a perfect experience for both scooter experts and novices alike.

The tour will offer an in-depth look at the history and culture of Redcar, from its humble beginnings as a fishing hamlet to its modern roots in steel and industry.

Our first stop will be Zetland Park, where you will learn all about Redcar’s recent Victorian history. Discover how the railway and racecourse once made this small town the beating heart of the Teeside area.

From here, we will scoot west to Locke Park and delve into the area’s medieval history. Redcar has a deep and intriguing backstory dating right back to the Domesday Book. Throughout the middle ages, the area has been rocked by scandal, in-fighting, invasions and political upheaval. Here stories of Viking, Normans and (of course) Fishermen!

Next, we will head to the coast. As we scoot south down the waterfront you will get spectacular views of the North Sea. This will be a perfect location to test your scooting skill, as you glide along the beach with the fresh sea-breeze pushing you along! You will hear stories of the Coatham Pier, the Redcar Beacon and (if you’re lucky) the famous Edward VIII Memorial Clocktower.

The tour will conclude with the town’s most famous artefact: the Zetland Lifeboat.

This experience brings together the best Redcar has to offer. Presenting fun and informative stories in an exciting E-Scooter format!

At the end of the tour, you will be able to continue renting your Ginger E-Scooter to explore more of the town!

Additional Information

Age Restrictions: Minimum age is 18 years old, and you must hold at least a provisional driving license

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance: full refund.

Weather: Please bring appropriate clothing for all weather. We may cancel if there is heavy rain or snow.

Book Now, Pay Later: All of our E-Scooter tours operate with a “Book Now, Pay Later” system. To book this tour you will need to make two payments: 

    • First Instalment: £12 deposit, due on the day you book
    • Second Instalment: £10 E-Scooter rental fee, due on the day of your tour. 
    • Total cost: £22

This second payment is made via our partner E-Scooter provider via their app. For this tour, our E-Scooters are provided by Ginger, see below for details.

Powered by Ginger: Please note that the E-Scooter cost is not included in the price you pay today. A second instalment will be made on the day of your tour, paid via the Ginger App. Before the tour, you will need to download and set up an account on the Ginger App. For more information, read our blog: “E-Scooter Rental Apps: What You Need To Know.” 

ScooTours Price Guarantee: On the day of your tour, you will need to pay the second instalment of £10 to our partner E-Scooter provider. However, we promise that the cost of your scooter rental will not exceed £10. Therefore the total cost of your experience will not exceed £22. For more about our Price Guarantee read our blog: “ScooTours Price Guarantee.”

Safety: Our tours are planned to be as safe as possible. They use scooter-friendly roads and cycle lanes wherever possible. We also provide helmets and high-visibility vests. However, if this will be your first time riding an E-Scooter then check out our blog: “E-Scooter Safety Tips.”