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Sherlock Holmes E-Scooter Tour

Ages 18+ • Available every Sunday!

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 1.5 hours

British Pound Price Includes: Helmet, High-Visibility Vest.

British Pound Price Excludes: Scooter Rental

Calendar Days and Times: Saturday at 2.00 PM

Users Group Size: Up to 5 people

Map Marker Starts / Finishes: Embankment / Baker Street

Adult Ages 18+

Follow the footsteps of the Great Detective in this Sherlock themed E-Scooter experience!

Tour Description

Tour Highlights:

  • The Sherlock Holmes Pub
  • The London Library
  • Various Filming Locations
  • Office of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • 221b Baker Street + Sherlock Holmes Museum

Tour Outline: 

This is the most complete Sherlock Holmes tour in London! Combining our love of the Great Detective with our brand new E-Scooters has created a crime-solving experience like no other! 

This tour will take you on an in-depth exploration of everything Sherlock Holmes. It will include filming locations, used in various film and television adaptations. We will also include real-life inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Throughout the tour, we will be investigating and discussing all of the most beloved characters including Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, Mycroft Holmes and the villainous Moriarty. 

Our E-Scooters mean we can cover more distance than your traditional walking tour. As a result, we are the only tour that will take you from Trafalgar Square to the doorstep of 221B Baker Street! 

Your expert guide will regale you with stories, trivia and secrets from the world of Sherlock Holmes. This is the perfect experience for any Sherlock fan! So grab your magnifying glass and join us today!

The tour will begin at Embankment Underground Station. Like all of our tours, we will start with an E-Scooter safety tutorial and practice ride. Whether you have used an E-Scooter before, or this will be your first time, our experienced guides will make you feel safe and comfortable! 

When everyone is ready, we will travel to The Sherlock Holmes Pub and Trafalgar Square. This tour will be packed full of anecdotes, references, easter eggs and everything in between. It will feature all the major stories such as Hounds of the Baskerville, Study in Scarlet, Scandal in Bohemia and The Final Problem. So if you’re a fan of the original books this tour is perfect for you. 

Or maybe you are a bigger fan of Sherlock on the big (or little) screen? Not a problem! As we scoot down Pall Mall and explore St. James’s we will see filming locations from the much loved BBC’s Sherlock and the internationally acclaimed Sherlock Holmes, feature Robert Downey Jr. Perhaps, you remember Sherlock Holmes before CGI? We will also be taking a look at Sherlock throughout history, discussing classic actors and films over his 100+ years on television.

Next, we will scoot north. Travelling through the luxurious neighbourhoods of Mayfair and Marylebone stopping off at more secretive Sherlock locations as we go. This tour has everything. Amazing Sherlock-themed stories, a fun and exciting E-Scooter experience and some of the most beautiful locations London has to offer. 

Finally, we will come to the most famous address in the world: 221B Baker Street. We will conclude the tour outside the front entrance. From here, you are free to continue using your E-Scooter. Perhaps continue scooting around the area, or even explore the nearby Regent’s Park. Or, if you wish to continue your Sherlock-themed experience you could enter the Sherlock Holmes Museum the most complete collection of Sherlock memorabilia in the whole world! 

This tour is perfect for any Sherlock super-fan or wannabe Watson!  

Additional Information

Age Restrictions: Minimum age is 18 years old, and you must hold at least a provisional driving license

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance: full refund.

Weather: Please bring appropriate clothing for all weather. We may cancel if there is heavy rain or snow.

Book Now, Pay Later: All of our E-Scooter tours operate with a “Book Now, Pay Later” system. To book this tour you will need to make two payments: 

    • First Instalment: £20 deposit, due on the day you book
    • Second Instalment: £15 E-Scooter rental fee, due on the day of your tour. 
    • Total cost: £35

This second payment is made via our partner E-Scooter provider via their app, see below for details.

E-Scooter Rental: Please note that the E-Scooter cost is not included in the price you pay today. A second instalment will be made on the day of your tour, paid via our partner E-Scooter providers app. Before the tour, you will need to download and set up an account on their app. For more information, read our blog: “E-Scooter Rental Apps: What You Need To Know.” 

ScooTours Price Guarantee: On the day of your tour, you will need to pay the second instalment of £15 to our partner E-Scooter provider. However, we promise that the cost of your scooter rental will not exceed £15. Therefore the total cost of your experience will not exceed £35. For more about our Price Guarantee read our blog: “ScooTours Price Guarantee.”

Safety: Our tours are planned to be as safe as possible. They use scooter-friendly roads and cycle lanes wherever possible. We also provide helmets and high-visibility vests. However, if this will be your first time riding an E-Scooter then check out our blog: “E-Scooter Safety Tips.”