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Cambridge Tours:

Tours by E-Scooter & E-Bike!

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E-Scooter Tours

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E-Bike Tours

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Cambridge Sightseeing Tours by E-Scooter and E-Bike

Explore one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations on a Cambridge guided tour with ScooTours. We offer tours utilising a variety of micro-mobility options, including electric scooters and electric bikes!

Located on the River Cam, Cambridge is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. The entire city is oozing history, culture, and charisma! Electric scooters have been immensely popular amongst residents in Cambridge, so come join us and do as the locals do! Our Cambridge City E-Scooter Tour is one of the most popular tours we offer, so check it out now! We also offer all of our tours as Private Tours, for special occasions or team bonding activities!

Before every tour, each customer will be provided with a helmet and receive a safety tutorial / practice. For more information about how we plan our tours with safety in mind check out our Safety Page or our FAQ Page. 

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Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch. We can easily be reached at [email protected].

More information on our e-scooter tours is listed below, or scroll down to learn more about us and our Cambridge partner …
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Our Partners for Cambridge E-Scooter Tours


To provide our e-scooter and e-bike tours of Cambridge we are proud to partner with Voi!

Voi is a leading micro-mobility rental company, working in cities throughout the UK and Europe. They work to provide e-scooters and e-b-Bikes for everyone, to help people move freely in urban environments whilst also decreasing air and noise pollution.

Voi focuses on connectivity, safety, and community. These values make them a perfect partner for us!

About ScooTours

Our core values include excellence, innovation, community, safety, and sustainability. We are a young company attempting to create something new and exciting in the worlds of tourism and micro-mobility for UK cities.

Cambridge is one of our favourite cities to offer tours and we look forward to showing you why!