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Milton Keynes

E-Scooter Tours


Explore the UK’s ‘newest city’ on one of our Milton Keynes Electric Scooter Tours. Milton Keynes boasts one of the UK’s largest selections of parks, cycle pathways and public art, the perfect destination for an E-Scooter Tour!

Milton Keynes is no stranger to making history, from Bletchley Park and the centre for allied code-breaking during World War 2 to the filming location for Superman 4. Milton Keynes is the perfect destination to offer the UK’s first E-Scooter Tours.

Our Partners

To provide our E-Scooter tours of Milton Keynes we are proud to partner with SPIN!

Based out of San Francisco, SPIN has developed to become one of the leading E-Scooter rental companies in the world. With the backing of Ford Motors behind them, expect to see SPIN E-Scooters in various U.K. cities soon!

SPIN maintain a strong company ethos on community, safety and sustainability.

About Us

ScooTours has recently expanded into Milton Keynes to offer two new and exciting tours! Milton Keynes is a fantastic place to offer E-Scooter tours and for us was a perfect fit!

Today, we offer a variety of micro-mobility tours in several locations around the U.K.