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E-Scooter Tours


Redcar is a quaint, seaside town lying on the North Sea Coast. It is located just seven miles from Middlesborough and includes a rich and engaging history. In 2020, Redcar took the bold step into the future by welcoming electric scooters onto their streets. E-Scooters have been immensely popular amongst residents and we will be launching an exciting Redcar Landmark Tour there in early 2021!

Our Partners

To provide our E-Scooter tours of Redcar we are proud to partner with Ginger!

Ginger is an exciting UK based E-Scooter company, based out of the North East. Since E-Scooters came to Britain, they have grown to offer E-Scooters in Hartlepool, Redcar, Stafford, Middlesborough and Scunthorpe.

Ginger focus on connectivity, safety and community. These values make them a perfect partner for us!

About Us

Our core values include excellence, innovation, community, safety and sustainability. We are a young company attempting to create something new and exciting in the worlds of tourism and micro-mobility.

Today, we are working on offering a variety of tours in several locations throughout the U.K.

We have recently expanded into both Hartlepool and Redcar in partnership with Ginger.