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Why are electric scooters so popular?

a group of people walking in a park

Ever wonder why electric scooters are so popular these days? While there is a litany of reasons for this growth in use around the world, we at ScooTours have a few ideas about the primary reasons e-scooters are so popular. As riders ourselves, we’re keenly aware of the pros and cons of electric scooters. And, as business owners in the micro-mobility space, we’re obviously staying on top of all trends in the use of electric scooters and electric bikes!

While electric scooters might be fairly new to the transportation industry, they have exploded in popularity in recent years. To us, the reasons why are very obvious. But we also realise that lots of folks haven’t been as entwined in the evolution from tech bro startup to ubiquitous mainstream transportation option as we have.

If you’re curious about these new options, we’re always happy to teach you how to ride while we explore our favourite places and spaces in cities across the UK. Check out our e-scooter tours in UK cities for more information.

Without further ado, let us provide some answers to your questions! Here are our thoughts on why electric scooters are so popular these days…

First of All, Electric Scooters are Fun!

Before we even get into all the detailed information on why electric scooters are so popular and what the future holds for this micro-mobility option, let’s just all agree that electric scooters are fun.

Whether you grew up in the era of razor scooters or not, standing comfortably while zipping about on two wheels is enjoyable for all. All the other reasons for the popularity of electric scooters are quite valid, but we actually think it boils down to enjoyment. If riding electric scooters was too difficult or at all irritating, people just wouldn’t do it. 

Electric scooters are popular because they’re fun. But that’s not all…

E-Scooters Have a Lower Barrier to Entry Than E-Bikes

For whatever reason, e-scooters have proven to have a lower barrier to entry than e-bikes. It could be because the rider stands instead of sits; it could be because e-scooters have followed e-bikes so a level of familiarity and recognition existed before they came on the scene. 

Studies have shown electric scooters being adopted four times faster than electric bikes were adopted. 

a group of people walking on a city street

Whatever the reason for it, more people are using electric scooters more readily as they’re introduced to cities around the world. Part of that may be because…

Ride-sharing Apps Prepared Us for Rental E-Scooters

Uber, Lyft, and the like trained us to grab our phones, press some buttons, and then hitch a ride to anywhere we wanted to go. And then electric bikes came along with a similar model, except you didn’t have to wait for the driver to arrive — you could start pedalling within seconds. 

The introduction of dockless e-bikes made that option even easier. It removed the barrier of location and instead allowed users to drop the bike at their actual destination instead of at the nearest docking station, and then having to walk.

And then, with rental e-scooters, things got even easier. Electric scooters are smaller than e-bikes, which means taking up less space on pavements than their e-bike counterparts. 

a person flying through the air while riding a motorcycle

As previously mentioned, the barrier to entry is lower for electric scooters, too. So now we’re looking at more riders taking up less space after ride-sharing apps and e-bikes had already paved the way for widespread community adoption of a new mode of transport.

It’s no wonder e-scooters are so popular! But we have some other thoughts on this, too.

Electric Scooters Are Incredibly Convenient

Electric scooters are also popular because they allow users to cover short distances quickly and cheaply. Instead of walking that last mile between the train station and home, you can wheel there quickly without breaking a sweat. Instead of having to switch bus lines, you can cut across the diagonal on an e-scooter to save time.

The convenience of having micro-mobility options in urban and suburban areas means users choose vehicles less frequently. Where public transit options are less accessible or frequent, personal vehicle use and ride-sharing are more prominent. 

Micro mobility allows people to choose a different way to go between places that’s still incredibly convenient. Lifting barriers is something we can all get behind!

E-Scooters are Sustainability-Focused

While the manufacture of electric scooters and the rental market collection, charging, and distribution of electric scooters has been the source of debate around the sustainability of e-scooters, their proliferation is undoubtedly helping the micro-mobility movement. 

Constant improvements in battery life and adjustments to rental market logistics have already improved the sustainability of electric scooters in just their few years of prominent use.

Personal, lightweight, electric transport is the future. 

With a collective push toward these modes of transport, infrastructure will inevitably adapt. We’ll see the creation of more cycle lanes, the introduction of future-focused legislation, and the near-universal adoption of lightweight transport across urban and suburban areas.

Replacing cars and congestion with lightweight transport is the sustainable future we’re aiming for here at ScooTours. It’s just one of the many reasons why we know electric scooters are so popular and why they continue to be adopted by ever more city dwellers and suburbanites around the world.

a group of people walking in a park

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