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City of London E-Scooter Tour

Ages 18+ • Available every Saturday and Sunday!

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

British Pound Price Includes: Helmet, High-Visibility Vest.

British Pound Price Excludes: Scooter Rental

Calendar Days and Times: Every Saturday & Sunday at 10.00 AM

Users Group Size: Up to 5 people

Map Marker Starts / Finishes: Tower Hill / Covent Garden

Adult Ages 18+

Old meets new as we use an E-Scooter to explore the historical heart of London!


Tour Description

Tour Highlights: 

  • Tower of London
  • St. Pauls Cathedral
  • The Monument
  • The Barbican
  • Covent Garden Market

Tour Outline:

Unravel the history and mystery of London’s oldest neighbourhood. The City of London is the historical epicentre of London dating back to the Romans. Over the last two thousand years this small, enclosed region has been the beating heart of London. 

Today, it is the financial centre of the entire country. Featuring skyscrapers and towers that stand side-by-side with 800-year-old churches. This contrast creates one of the most interesting tourist destinations in London. 

Our tour provides a fresh look at this ancient area. E-Scooters allow us to zip through the City and see more than any other tour. We will cover all the key locations within the Square Mile and you will hear tales of the secrets, traditions and inventions that have made this location so crucial to British history! 

We will begin a stone’s throw away from The Tower of London. All of our tours start with an in-depth safety tutorial and a lesson on how to ride an E-Scooter. On top of this, all of our tour routes have been completely E-Scooter optimised! Meaning, they use scooter friendly roads and plenty of cycle lanes. So whether you are an E-Scooter expert, or completely new, this tour will provide a fun and safe adventure! 

We will dive into our tour by exploring the Tower of London! Discussion Romans, Normans, Beefeaters and everyone who has helped build one of London’s most iconic landmarks. 

From here, we will head straight into the financial centre of the city. Weaving our way through cobbled streets lined with glass skyscrapers. We will pass The Monument, explore Leadenhall Market, discover the Bank of England and admire the architecture of The Royal Exchange. 

As the tour steadily builds up, we will embark on a long scoot to The Barbican. One of the most fascinating and underappreciated places within The City. Standing tall as a monument to brutalist, British architecture we will take a moment to see the Highwalk. Here, you can learn more about how this building merges a thousand years of history in a strange and peculiar way. 

Next, we will zip down to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Another absolute must for any tour of London! 

After St. Paul’s we will take our E-Scooters on a gentle scoot along the River Thames. We will follow one of London’s most popular Cycle Superhighways as it winds its way along the north embankment. This part of the tour will provide spectacular and picturesque views of London, stretching all the way down the river. Seeing London on an E-Scooter is truly a new and amazing opportunity! 

Finally, we will conclude the tour at Covent Garden. After the tour, you will have the opportunity to continue riding your E-Scooter and keep exploring! Or, you can wander through the marketplace, grab some food or pick up a ticket to a London show. 

This London E-Scooter tour will explore the history of the true heart of London visiting all of the major historical and modern landmarks between the Tower of London and Covent Garden. Using an E-Scooter we will zoom through the history of London, learning the true secrets of the City!

Additional Information

Age Restrictions: Minimum age is 18 years old, and you must hold at least a provisional driving license

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance: full refund.

Weather: Please bring appropriate clothing for all weather. We may cancel if there is heavy rain or snow.

Book Now, Pay Later: All of our E-Scooter tours operate with a “Book Now, Pay Later” system. To book this tour you will need to make two payments: 

    • First Instalment: £20 deposit, due on the day you book
    • Second Instalment: £20 E-Scooter rental fee, due on the day of your tour. 
    • Total cost: £40

This second payment is made via our partner E-Scooter provider via their app, see below for details.

E-Scooter Rental: Please note that the E-Scooter cost is not included in the price you pay today. A second instalment will be made on the day of your tour, paid via our partner E-Scooter providers app. Before the tour, you will need to download and set up an account on their app. For more information, read our blog: “E-Scooter Rental Apps: What You Need To Know.” 

ScooTours Price Guarantee: On the day of your tour, you will need to pay the second instalment of £20 to our partner E-Scooter provider. However, we promise that the cost of your scooter rental will not exceed £20. Therefore the total cost of your experience will not exceed £40. For more about our Price Guarantee read our blog: “ScooTours Price Guarantee.”

Safety: Our tours are planned to be as safe as possible. They use scooter-friendly roads and cycle lanes wherever possible. We also provide helmets and high-visibility vests. However, if this will be your first time riding an E-Scooter then check out our blog: “E-Scooter Safety Tips.”