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E-Bike Tours:

The First E-Bike Tours in the UK

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E-Bike Tours of London

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Popular E-Bike Tours:

Electric Bikes are the best way to begin your London adventure. They allow us to explore vast amounts of the city without taking up too much time or energy! On our Westminster & City of London E-Bike Tour, we travel all the way from the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London providing you with the ultimate sightseeing experience. On our Westminster Parks & Palaces E-Bike Tour, we visit all the major attractions in West London including Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and a gentle cycle through Hyde Park. We also offer a collection of Private Tours if you’re planning a special event or team-building activity. Our electric bike tours allow us to see more than most other tours, without breaking a sweat!

At ScooTours, we’re all about promoting sustainable tourism through the use of micro-mobility vehicles. Electric bikes allow us to navigate the city in a forward-thinking, safe and environmentally friendly way. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not check out our collection of e-scooter tours, an equally green and fun way of seeing London! 

Below you’ll find a collection of our most popular e-bike tours!

For more information about our e-bikes, our partners and our tour requirements, scroll down … 


This electric bike tour will explore London’s most famous and popular markets: Covent Garden, Spitalfields and Borough market! 


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Join ScooTours on an electric bike tour of London’s most frequent and recognisable Royal ceremonies: The Changing of the Guard. Learn more here! 


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Our Electric Bikes:

All of our electric bike tours are run using Human Forest, a shared e-bike service that is rethinking the way we move around London. Human Forest is committed to promoting a cleaner, healthier and happier form of urban transportation.

All of our e-bikes are accessed via the HumanForest ride-sharing app. Before the tour, you will need to download the app onto your smartphone and create an account. On the day of the tour, you will rent a scooter via this app. All necessary information, including a link to the App Store and Play Store, will be included in your booking confirmation email. Your guide will also be on hand to help you access your e-bike at the start of the tour.

We will also provide every customer with a helmet. To find out more about our commitment to creating safe touring experiences check out our Safety Page. In addition, you can read about HumanForest’s commitment to safety here: Human Forest: We Care About Your Safety.

All of our e-bikes have the following features: front and rear brakes, front and rear lights, bell, rechargeable battery, phone holder with wireless charging capabilities and a front basket. Check out the graphic below!

For more information about our e-bike requirements and our partners scroll down … 
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Electric Bike Tour Requirements:

All of our e-bike tours have the following requirements:

  • Every participant must be over the age of 18.
  • Every participant will be required to download the HumanForest app on their own device and make an account with up-to-date payment information.
  • Every participant needs to wear a helmet (provided).
  • Every participant needs to sign our digital waiver.

Check out our Tour Checklist graphic below before coming on any of our e-bike tours:

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Our Electric Bike Partner

At ScooTours, we are proud to partner with a variety of different companies. All of our e-scooter tours are offered in partnership with several leading e-scooter rental companies. 

All of our London e-bike tours are run by using Human Forest, who are on a mission to build happier and healthier cities for all!

Find out more about our amazing partners by clicking the button below. Or click the logo below to visit the HumanForest website!

About ScooTours

ScooTours is the first-ever UK-based company to offer electric scooter tours! We now offer a wide range of micro-mobility based tours in several different UK cities. Our aim is to establish a creative, fun, sustainably-conscious tour company and we have always believed the best way to see the sights is on two wheels!

Read more about our story, our core values, and how our tours work by visiting our About Us page, or by clicking the button below.