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E-Scooter Training:

Free community training sessions available

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E-Scooter training now in London:

Do you live in London? Have you seen e-scooters around town? Would you like to give one a try, but perhaps are a little apprehensive? Well, at ScooTours, we’re all about promoting the safe use of e-scooters.

We are now offering community training sessions with our e-scooter partner Dott. Every training session is free to attend and you will be provided with a free Dott helmet. These training sessions are designed for beginners and first-time users and will teach you the following:

  • Introduction to an e-scooter – explaining the key components of an e-scooter and how to operate one safely.
  • Road Safety – how and where an e-scooter should be used.

Each training session will consist of two parts:

  • Starting with a safety tutorial and practice element.
  • Followed by a guided scoot around London, which will feature a variety of different road types. By the end of the session, each customer will have a better understanding of how an e-scooter works and will gain experience in using one safely amongst other road users.

These sessions will last 1 hour and are offered every week throughout the summer. Once a month we will be offering a women-only session. A full timetable is listed below:


No. Day Date Audience
1 Friday 06/05/2022 All
2 Saturday 14/05/2022 All
3 Friday 20/05/2022 All
4 Saturday 28/05/2022 Womens Only
5 Friday 03/06/2022 All
6 Saturday 11/06/2022 All
7 Friday 17/06/2022 All
8 Saturday 25/06/2022 Womens Only
9 Friday 01/07/2022 All
10 Saturday 09/07/2022 All
11 Friday 15/07/2022 All
12 Saturday 23/07/2022 Womens Only
13 Friday 29/07/2022 All
14 Saturday 06/08/2022 All
15 Friday 12/08/2022 All
16 Saturday 20/08/2022 Womens Only
17 Friday 26/08/2022 All
18 Saturday 03/09/2022 All
19 Friday 09/09/2022 All
20 Saturday 17/09/2022 Womens Only
21 Friday 23/09/2022 All
22 Saturday 01/10/2022 All
23 Saturday 01/11/2022 All
To book a free training session today click below. For more information about our e-scooters, our partners and our requirements, scroll down … 
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Our Electric Scooters:

Our community training sessions are run in partnership with Dott. A leading e-scooter rental company that currently operates in London.

Before the session, you will need to download the Dott app onto your smartphone and create an account. On the day of the training, you will rent a scooter via this app.

If you have never used an e-scooter before, do not worry! These sessions are created for beginners as an introduction to the wonderful world of e-scooters! They all feature a safety tutorial, a practice section and a guided scoot designed to be as safe as possible. You can read more information on our Safety Page. 

All of our e-scooters have the following features: front and rear brakes, front and rear lights, bell, turn signals, rechargeable battery and a phone holder. Check out the graphic below!

For more information about our e-scooter requirements and our partners scroll down … 
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Electric Scooters Requirements:

All of our e-scooter sessions have the following requirements:

  • Every participant must be over the age of 18.
  • Every participant must bring a valid driving license (full or provisional). They will need to scan their driving license on the day of the tour to access on e-scooter.
  • Every participant will be required to download the Dott app on their own device and make an account.
  • Every participant needs to wear a helmet (provided).
  • Every participant needs to sign our digital waiver.

Check out our Checklist graphic below before coming on any of our e-scooter sessions:


Why Do I Need a Driving License?

Due to the current UK legislation surrounding electric scooters, for all of our electric scooter activities, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old. In addition, you must be in possession of one of the following:

  • A valid provisional or full UK driving licence.
  • A valid full licence from an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) country.
  • A valid full licence from another country that entitles you to drive a small vehicle in the U.K.

If you are unsure whether your driving license is applicable, then check this government link: “ – E-Scooter Trials: Guidance for Users.”

When you first access an e-scooter you will be asked to verify your identity, therefore you must bring your driving license along on the day of your training session. You will need to scan your license via the rental app, therefore you must bring the plastic photo-ID version of your license, not the paper counterpart. If you do not bring your license, we cannot guarantee you will be able to access an e-scooter.

For more information about our partner scroll down … 
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Our Partner for Electric Scooter Training

At ScooTours, we are proud to partner with a variety of different companies. All of our e-scooter training sessions in London are run in collaboration with Dott, a Netherlands based e-scooter rental company operating in 17 cities throughout Europe.

Find out more about our amazing partner by clicking the button below. Or click the Dott logo below to visit their individual website.

About ScooTours

ScooTours is the first-ever UK-based company to offer electric scooter tours! We now offer a wide range of micro-mobility based tours in several different UK cities. Our aim is to establish a creative, fun, sustainably-conscious tour company and we have always believed the best way to see the sights is on two wheels!

Read more about our story, our core values, and how our tours work by visiting our “About Us” page by clicking the button below.