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ScooTours Price Guarantee

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ScooTours offers a variety of E-Scooter tours in several U.K. destinations. However, due to current E-Scooter legislation in the UK, all privately owned scooters are illegal to use on anything but private property. This means all of our E-Scooter tours operate in partnership with an E-Scooter rental company. We have a number of partnerships with some really exciting companies. To find out more about our partners visit the “Our Partners” page.

All this means, that when you book a tour with ScooTours you will need to make 2 payments. There will be a “Tour Booking Fee” due at the time of booking, and an “E-Scooter Rental Fee” due on the day of the tour.


Tour Booking Fee + E-Scooter Rental Fee

The idea is to pay a fee when you book, to reserve your spot on the tour. And then a payment on the day of your tour to access the E-Scooter.

The first payment will be made through the ScooTours online booking platform. The second payment will be made through our partner E-Scooter rental app. Our tours are powered by several different E-Scooter companies, including Spin, Voi and Ginger.

Ahead of the tour, you will need to download and set up an account on the relevant rental App. Please ensure your account has up-to-date payment information. For more information on how to download these Apps, read our blog: “E-Scooter Rental Apps: What You Need To Know.” 

All necessary information, including a link to the App Store and Play Store, will also be included in your booking confirmation email!

At the beginning of the tour, your guide will be on hand to help you access your E-Scooter through the App.

Rental Passes

E-Scooters are normally rented on a price-per-minute system. Meaning the price will be determined by how long you use the E-Scooter. However, some of our partners provide certain passes which offer a more cost-effective way of renting an E-Scooter for the duration of the tour. For example, Spin offer a 2-hour pass for £7.50 and Voi offer a 24-hour pass for £4.99.

These passes mean we can promise the E-Scooter rental fee will be a set price.

For example, if you take our Cambridge Landmark Tour in partnership with Voi, the Booking Fee is £20.00 and the Voi pass is £4.99. This means the total price of the experience will be £24.99.



However, some of our partners do not offer set passes, like the ones outlined above. They work on a pay-per-minute system. Meaning the longer you ride, the more it will cost. As a result, we cannot offer a concrete E-Scooter Rental Fee. Instead, the price may vary, and we can only offer an approximate.

However, you can rest assured that the E-Scooter rental fee will never be too much. There will be no horrible surprises on the day of your tour. In fact, we will put a figure on the E-Scooter rental fee, so you have an idea of the total cost when you book. Our “ScooTours Price Guarantee” ensures that you never pay more than what you are quoted at the time of booking.

Please note, the ScooTours Price Guarantee is only applicable on tours that do not offer E-Scooter rental passes.

For example: If we offer a tour with a company that rents E-Scooters on a pay-per-minute scheme, the pricing might look something like this:

  • Tour Cost = £25
  • Tour Booking Fee = £15
  • E-Scooter Rental Fee = £10*
    • *ScooTours Price Guarantee ensures the Second Installment will not exceed £10, and therefore the total cost of this experience will not exceed £25

Why does the E-Scooter rental fee vary?

Although we use various E-Scooter rental companies to run tours in several locations. Most of these companies operate in the same way and have very similar payment systems. They all work on a “cost per minute” system. The longer you ride the more you pay.

Therefore, the cost you pay on the day of your tour will vary slightly, depending on how long your tour is. There will always be some variation due to traffic or maybe extenuating circumstances.

That being said, our “ScooTours Price Guarantee” ensures that what you pay on the day will not be more than the price you are quoted when booking.


What happens if my E-Scooter rental fee is more than what I was quoted?

Our “ScooTours Price Guarantee” ensures that what you pay on the day will not be more than your E-Scooter quoted price.

If the price of the E-Scooter on your tour does go over this amount, for whatever reason, we will reimburse you the difference no questions asked. This is our guarantee!

Here is our Guarantee:

  • Cost of the E-Scooter should never go over the quoted price.
    • Example: If your booking fee was £15 and the E-Scooter rental fee was quoted at £10, the maximum you will pay for the full experience is £25.
  • We will reimburse all costs that go over the advertised scooter cost.
    • Example: If your E-Scooter rental fee is quoted at £10, but on the day your E-Scooter rental cost goes up to £12.50 then ScooTours will reimburse you £2.50.
  • To receive this reimbursement, simple take a screenshot or send us your receipt for the scooter use during the tour, if it is over the advertised scooter cost we will send you the difference no questions asked
    • Example: All our partner rental apps keep a record of your journeys, so you should easily be able to show us the cost of your E-Scooter on the day of your tour.

Please note, the ScooTours Price Guarantee is only applicable on tours that do not offer E-Scooter rental passes.

Full Tour Price Breakdown:

To give you an idea of some of our pricing, here is a full breakdown of all our tours:


Tour Total Price Tour Booking Fee  (ScooTours) E-Scooter rental fee  (Rental App)
London – Camden Town Tour £30 + TBD £30 TBD
London – Chelsea Garden Tour £25 + TBD £25 TBD
London – City of London Tour £30 + TBD £30 TBD
London – Hidden London Tour £30 + TBD £30 TBD
London – Landmarks Tour £30 + TBD £30 TBD
London – River Thames Tour £25 = TBD £25 TBD
London – Sherlock Holmes Tour £25 + TBD £25 TBD
London – Southbank Tour £25 + TBD £25 TBD
Milton Keynes Art & Park Tour £25 £17.50 £7.50 2-hour pass
Milton Keynes Landmark Tour £25 £17.50 £7.50 2-hour pass
Hartlepool Fish, Chips & History Tour £15 + TBD £15 TBD
Redcar Landmark Tour £12 + TBD £12 TBD
Cambridge Landmark Tour £24.99 £20 £4.99 24-hour pass
Cambridge River & Parks Tour £24.99 £20 £4.99 24-hour pass

If you have any questions you can call us on 07788217447 or email us at [email protected]

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