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About Our Wheels

About Our E-Bikes

All of our E-Bikes are sourced from our partner bike shop ETT Industries. ETT is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to E-Bike design and manufacturing. All of their E-Bikes are created right here in London and we use the very latest in E-Bike technology for our tours. You can find out more about our partners here: ETT Industries

If you have never used an E-Bike before, it is a complete game changer! 

All of our E-Bikes include state of the art Pedal-Assist technology, 5 different speed settings, puncture-protected tyres and a built-in digital speedometer. This all means we can go a lot further whilst using a lot less energy than other bicycle tours. It also means you will finish our London adventure feeling fresh as a daisy. So whether you are Bradley Wiggins or Joe Bloggs you will cruise through our tour without breaking a sweat! 

You can find out more by downloading our Get to Know Your EBike PDF:

Get to know your Ebike (1)

You will also receive a copy of this document in your booking confirmation.

We are the very first tour company in London to utilise E-Bikes. So come and experience this new and exciting way of seeing the city by booking today!

About Our Scooters

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All of our Scooters are provided by Slick Willies, London’s oldest skate shop. Slick Willies originally opened in 1970 and has been at the forefront of everything scooter, skateboard, bike and roller-blade related for over 40 years! You can find out more about our partners here: Slick Willies

Located just around the corner from Kensington Palace, Slick Willies is a perfect starting point for our Scooter tours. This allows us to quickly and safely explore one of London’s most famous parks: Hyde Park!

Scooters are an ideal way to see the city. They’re quick and lightweight, meaning we can cover large distances at ease. They can also be folded up and taken on the Underground. The possibilities are endless! 

So come and scoot with us today!

Disclaimer: Our Scooters are non-electric due to current legislation in London. We hope to be launching an E-Scooter tour soon!