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About ScooTours

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Our Story

We offer tours throughout the UK using a variety of micro-mobility vehicles, including e-bikes and e-scooters. In 2021, we became the first UK based company to offer guided tours on electric scooters! We are proud to offer unique experiences by merging the worlds of micro-mobility and guided tours!

ScooTours was originally started in London by 2 local guides – Alex & Charles. We both wanted to showcase the city in a new and exciting way. We still believe there is no better way to see the sights than gliding through the streets on two wheels!

Find out more about our values, how we work and our response to COVID-19 on this page . . .

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Our Values

yellow star iconExcellence

We believe the best way to see your city is on 2 wheels! E-bikes and e-scooters provide a quick, efficient and easy way of exploring one of our destinations. We are proud to have created genuinely enjoyable experiences that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

red helmet iconSafety

All of our tours are planned with safety in mind! We provide every customer with a helmet. All of our routes use cycle-friendly roads and cycle paths wherever possible. All of our guides are fully trained and each tour includes a safety tutorial. So whether you are a scooter expert or complete beginner you can book with us in confidence.

blue phone and scooter iconInnovation

In 2018 we offered the first scooter tours in London. In 2021, we launched the first e-scooter tours in the UK. In 2022 we offered the first e-bike tours in the capital. We are a forward-thinking and innovative tour company, that always want to offer something new and exciting.

orange bicycle iconLocal Partners

We are also proud to partner with local small businesses. All of our non-electric scooters are provided by Slick Willies, London’s oldest skate shop. For our e-scooter and e-bike tours we have partnered with some of the most exciting rental companies in Europe. Find out more about all our partners here.

blue connectivity iconCommunity

We provide tours that really explore a city. To do this, we work exclusively with local guides. We also work with local councils, small businesses and tourism boards to create the perfect experience. So whether you’re a local or a tourist, our tours are sure to leave you inspired!

green tree sustainability iconSustainability

Our aim has always been to develop a fun, creative and  environmentally friendly tour-company. Scooters, e-scooters and e-bikes represent this ethos perfectly as they are helping London (and other UK cities) become a brighter and greener! As we look towards more sustainable forms of transport, we thought providing micro-mobility based tours was a great idea! 

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How Our Tours Work

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1. Choose your Tour

We offer tours throughout the UK on a variety of different vehicles. The first step – choose your destination and preferred mode of transport! We are currently offering tours in London and Cambridge. In London, we are offering a number of micro-mobility tours, including tours e-bikes and e-scooters. When you have chosen your tour, pay through our secure booking platform. You will receive a booking confirmation via email.

If you are booking one of our e-scooter or e-bike tours, be aware that the vehicle rental fee is not included in the booking cost. On the day of your tour, you will have to rent your e-scooter or e-bike via the relevant rental App (See below). All important information can be found on individual tour pages, plus we will send you everything you need to know in the booking confirmation email.

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2. Download the e-scooter / e-bike app

If you are taking part in one of our e-scooter or e-bike tours then you will need to download the relevant rental app. Due to current U.K. legislation, all of our e-scooter tours are done in partnership with some of the best e-scooter rental companies in Europe. To access your e-scooter on the day, you will need to download the rental app. Then you will need to create an account and add billing information. We strongly recommend you do this before the day of your tour. The same system applies to all e-bike tours as well.

All relevant information (including a link to the App Store and Google Play Store) will be provided in your booking email. For more information now, read our blog:

“E-Scooter Rental App’s: What You Need To Know.”

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3. Arrive Early

We recommend you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early for your tour. This will allow plenty of time to be fitted with the correct safety equipment, including a helmet. If you are taking part in one of our e-scooter or e-bike tours, it will also provide enough time for you to access the vehicle through the relevant E-Scooter rental app. Your guide will also be on hand at the start location to help you access your e-scooter or e-bike.

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4. Safety Tutorial

All of our tours will begin with an introduction and safety tutorial. We will also provide time to practice on the scooters, e-bikes and e-scooters before the tour officially begins. All of our guides are both experienced and well-trained on all of our micro-mobility vehicles. So, no matter whether you are a scooter expert or a complete beginner you are guaranteed to have a safe and enjoyable time!

If you have never ridden an e-scooter before, we recommend checking out our blog:

“E-Scooter Safety Tips.”

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5. Enjoy the Tour!

Scoot through the streets of London or the riverside of Cambridge and have fun!

And remember, you can keep using the e-scooters or e-bikes after the tour, to continue your adventure!

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Our COVID-19 Response

We're Good To Go logo

We have received the official “Good to Go” certificate, meaning all our tours are were approved as COVID-19 safe in the summer of 2020. We consistently monitor the situation and adapt our tours to comply with all the latest government guidelines.

All of our tours are outdoor activities so have always been considered a lower risk activity. In addition to this fact, we are doing the following things to keep everyone safe: 

  • Sanitising all equipment (Scooters / E-Bikes / Helmets) 
  • Face masks and hand sanitiser available for customers if needed
  • Social Distancing measures are easily possible on all tours 

Our customer’s health and safety is our number one priority and we have made appropriate adjustments during this difficult time, so you can now book with us in confidence! We hope to see you soon!

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