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E-Scooter Tours:

E-Scooter Tours of London

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Popular E-Scooter Tours:

At ScooTours, we’re all about promoting sustainable tourism through the use of micro-mobility vehicles. We are the first UK based company to offer tours using electric scooters and electric bikes! Electric scooters allow us to zip through the streets of London and see more of the capital than traditional walking tours, without the effort of more common non-electric bike tours. We believe e-scooters are the most efficient way to see London!

Below you’ll find a collection of our most popular e-scooter tours! We also offer a collection of Private Tours if you’re planning a special event or team-building activity.

To join one of our e-scooter tours you do need to be in possession of a valid driving license. You can read more about our requirements below. Don’t have a valid driving license? We offer a great range of E-Bike Tours that do not require one!

For more information about our e-scooters, our partners and our tour requirements, scroll down … 


This is the ultimate London experience! Come along as we scoot from East to West, from the Tower of London to Parliament, visiting every major London landmark in between!

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From £52.00

Think you know London? Think again! Our Hidden London tour will take you on an adventure of quirky history, bizarre stories and unknown locations as we unravel all the mysteries the city has to offer!

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From £52.00
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Our Electric Scooters:

Due to current UK legislation, all of our e-scooter tours are run in partnership with leading e-scooter rental companies. Our London tours are run in partnership with Dott. Our Cambridge tors are run in partnership with Voi.

These companies operate via a ride-sharing app. Before the tour, you will need to download the relevant app onto your smartphone and create an account. On the day of the tour, you will rent a scooter via this app. Our London customers will receive an exclusive discount on a Dott e-scooter.

If you have never used an e-scooter before, do not worry! We start all of our tours with a safety tutorial and practice. All of our tour routes are designed to be as safe as possible. You can read more information on our Safety Page. 

All of our e-scooters have the following features: front and rear brakes, front and rear lights, bell, turn signals, rechargeable battery and a phone holder. Check out the graphic below!

For more information about our e-scooter requirements and our partners scroll down … 
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Electric Scooters Tour Requirements:

All of our e-scooter tours have the following requirements:

  • Every participant must be over the age of 18.
  • Every participant must bring a valid driving license (full or provisional). They will need to scan their driving license on the day of the tour to access on e-scooter.
  • Every participant will be required to download the relevant app (Dott in London or Voi in Cambridge) on their own device and make an account with up-to-date payment information.
  • Every participant needs to wear a helmet (provided).
  • Every participant needs to sign our digital waiver.

Check out our Tour Checklist graphic below before coming on any of our e-scooter tours:


Why Do I Need a Driving License?

Due to the current UK legislation surrounding electric scooters, for all of our electric scooter tours, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old. In addition, you must be in possession of one of the following:

  • A valid provisional or full UK driving licence.
  • A valid full licence from an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) country.
  • A valid full licence from another country that entitles you to drive a small vehicle in the U.K.

If you are unsure whether your driving license is applicable, then check this government link: “ – E-Scooter Trials: Guidance for Users.”

When you first access an e-scooter you will be asked to verify your identity, therefore you must bring your driving license along on the day of your tour. You will need to scan your license via the rental app, therefore you must bring the plastic photo-ID version of your license, not the paper counterpart. If you do not bring your license, we cannot guarantee you will be able to access an e-scooter.

For more information about our partners, Dott and Voi, scroll down … 
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Our Partners for Electric Scooter Tours

At ScooTours, we are proud to partner with a variety of different companies. All of our e-scooter tours are offered in partnership with several leading e-scooter rental companies.

All of our London e-scooter tours are run in partnership with Dott, a Netherlands based e-scooter rental company operating in 17 cities throughout Europe.

About ScooTours

ScooTours is the first-ever UK-based company to offer electric scooter tours! We now offer a wide range of micro-mobility based tours in several different UK cities. Our aim is to establish a creative, fun, sustainably-conscious tour company and we have always believed the best way to see the sights is on two wheels!

Read more about our story, our core values, and how our tours work by visiting our “About Us” page by clicking the button below.