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ScooTours Price Guarantee

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ScooTours offers a variety of E-Scooter tours in several U.K. destinations. However, due to current E-Scooter legislation in the UK, all privately owned scooters are illegal to use on anything but private property. This means all of our E-Scooter tours operate in partnership with an E-Scooter rental company. We have a number of partnerships with…

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Your Guide to E-Scooter rental in the UK

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As of 2020, privately owned E-Scooters are illegal to ride on a U.K. public road, cycle lane or pavement. You can still buy E-Scooters, and you can use them on private property if the landowner allows you to. On 4th July 2020, new regulations allowed trials of E-Scooters offered by specific E-Scooter rental companies. Most…