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London Tours:

Tours by E-Scooter & E-Bike!

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London Guided Tours on E-Scooters

Explore the beating heart of Britain on our alternative London tours on electric scooters! Whether you’re local or visiting, our tours are fun outdoor activities in London to see more of the city while trying something new. That’s right: ScooTours is the first-ever UK-based company to offer e-scooter tours!

Our e-scooter tours allow you to learn local history, uncover hidden gems and delve into the fascinating stories of London and the people who have called this city home! If you’re heading to London for the first time, why not consider our City of London E-Scooter Tour? Or, if you fancy something a little more unusual check out our highly popular Hidden London E-Scooter Tour or our evil Villains of London E-Scooter Tour! We also offer all of our tours as Private Tours, for special occasions or team bonding activities!

Before every tour, our professional tour guides share a safety tutorial to ensure everyone is comfortable and ready to go on an e-scooter. There will also be a chance to practice and every customer will be provided with a helmet! For more information about how we plan our tours with safety in mind check out our Safety Page or our FAQ Page. 

Visiting elsewhere in the UK? You might also like our Cambridge tours for more e-scooter adventures.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch. We can easily be reached at [email protected].

More information on our e-scooter tours is listed below, or scroll down to see our e-bike tours in London … 

All London E-Scooter Tours:


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London Guided Tours on E-Bikes:

Enjoy a guided tour of London by electric bike — it’s a unique, alternative way to see the city! Cycling along the iconic River Thames, you’ll be able to see so much more than you could by walking, while hearing stories and gaining insights from your professional tour guide.

We offer a wonderful collection of classic and alternative tours, so whether it is your first time in London or you’re a local expert there is something for you! If you’re new to London we recommend our Westminster & City of London E-Bike Tour, which offers a comprehensive look at all the major London landmarks. Or, for our most traditional and Royal tour, you have to take our Westminster Royal Parks & Palaces E-Bike Tour. Or, if you want something a little more local our Covent Garden, Spitalfields & Borough Market E-Bike Tour is for you! Like our e-scooter tours, all e-bike tours are available in the form of Private Tours, if you’re planning something special!

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch. We can easily be reached at [email protected].

Below you’ll find a full list of our e-bike tours, or scroll down for more information about our partners and ourselves … 

All London E-Bike Tours:


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Our Partners for London Tours


We are proud to offer our London E-Scooter tours in partnership with Dott, a leading E-Scooter rental company that can be found throughout Europe! 

Dott is dedicated to creating a service that works for everyone, everywhere. They currently operate in 17 cities across 6 countries, including Paris, Rome, Warsaw, and — as of 2021 — London! Dott safely operates 30,000 vehicles every day. Learn more about The Dott Way.

Our e-bike tours are run using Human Forest e-bikes, which are currently changing micro-mobility in London!

About Us

In 2018, ScooTours was founded by two local guides who wanted a new and creative way of showing off the capital. So, we created tours of Hyde Park on classic, non-electric Scooters.

Today, we have expanded to include e-scooter and e-bike tours that explore the streets of London and Cambridge!